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The Factory

"MCS" South Confection Manufactory is one of North Africa's leading industry lingerie and swimwear. Featuring highly reliable machines and skilled labor to best meet the needs of our customers throughout Europe.


  • Custom work

    You need us for ordering a large or medium production of your collection. We can perform the requested services on your fabrics even the most delicate among them. We can receive the cut pieces or proceed to cutting them in our factory...
  • Cutting

    We dispose of an integrated cutting workshop. We can cut the pieces with or without placement on any type of fabric...
  • Medium and Small series

    You have a small series or collection entrust us to develop ... We handle your orders whatever your quantity. We have dedicated an entire production unit for dimming sampling and small series. However, our prices are increased for small quantities...
  • Finished Product

    Looking to manufacture finished products from A to Z ? We can handle all stages of production, including Patronage Gradation Sourcing Supplies Accessories Manufacturing Packaging Export.....
  • Molding

    We have the machinery and know-how to fine molding on different types of fabric...
  • Quality Controle

    We ensure our production by a continues cycle of quality inspection throughout manufacturing. The parts go through the supervision unit after each assembly operation, a finishing control at the string output, and finally a sampling check on packaged parts...

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Our expertise is our success. For more than 25 years of experience we have aquired a total mastery of the field of lingerie. The work planning, managing production lines assisted by computer system, inspection of production as soon as entered the cutting to his expedition to the client.
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